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Transformational Change

We help organizations design and deliver change initiatives that build capacity and capabilities, improve performance and bolster behavior and culture over time. We work with your leaders and broader stakeholder groups to embed changes into the fabric of the organization – helping accomplish and sustain future objectives.

Organizational Capability

We know what drives change, how to make it happen, and how to make it stick. We know the importance of translating strategy into the right alignment of all components of the operating model. We know it is crucial to engage people and culture to structure, processes, and technology. Our experts provide transformation and organization tools and the requisite knowledge to create immediate impact and lasting results.

Organizational Design

We help our clients design organizations to reduce costs, drive growth and strengthen organizational health. We go beyond the traditional “wires and boxes” to define decision rights, accountabilities, internal governance and linkages. Our design solutions help clients manage complexity and scale to ensure sustained performance.

Strategic Fit and Alignment

We ensure our clients have considered a full range of viable options, understand the implications and are confident in their decision-making choice. We work closely with the organization’s internal HR and Strategy teams to discover where and how to close gaps, eliminate stumbling blocks and build on your strengths. Our redesigns range from organization-wide restructuring to distinct functional optimizations.

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